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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shelf Retail Surveillance

In the news today.  Word that a major  CPG manufacturing conglomerate, Mondelez International, is expressing an interest in using cameras on store shelves to gather data about shoppers. Apparently through image analysis, to determine preferences and behavior based on demographics.   First, this is nothing new, it has been done for a decade in laboratory and real shopping environments.  It just has been done primarily in test modes and not in full scale rollouts.   Having large scale databases of video and derived data could lead to useful patterns of shopper behavior.  Those databases,  what is classically called Big Data, have real value.  Privacy is a big consideration.

Note too, that this article and others just show how this company has just expressed an interest in this approach.   All large CPG companies would love this kind of insight.  It does NOT mean they are actively doing it, or are even close to a real experiment.   I have no further information about that.

This blog often covers related topics of retail behavior data and its use.

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