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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Learning Innovation Entrepreneurship

In Innovation Excellence: Successful Innovative Entrepreneurship is Seldom Learnt at Business School. Quite true.  Its more like being agile, using tacit and dynamic knowledge.  It might be learn able in the right kind of internship or with personal experiences.  Innovation centers are a means of producing the right contexts.  But that alone is not enough.    Late in the article the author talks about a simulation game they produced, which I would like to see in more detail.  I find this kind of gamification can work in the right context and culture.

 " ... At ImagineNation™, we have developed The Start-Up Game™ to help academic institutions and corporations close the gap between teaching innovation and entrepreneurship and learning how to “do” and “be” an innovative entrepreneur. The Start-Up Game™ is a gamified business simulation that is part of a customized organizational learning process that brings the lean start-up process “to life” and develops innovative leadership and start-up entrepreneurship motivation, mindsets, behaviors and skills to create ... " 

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