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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seeking Common Languages for Data Visualization

An item in Fierce CIO attracted my attention.  Which pointed to Tom Davenport's HBR blog article this past April.   About how P&G is creating and delivering standardized visualized data.  Using examples of dashboard style displays.  Which I also wrote about in this space earlier.  I provide some additional motivation there to address the origins of the idea.  And how the standards of this delivery mechanism are still evolving, especially the inclusion of integrated analytical and user interface improvements and dynamics.  Should each of the supposed 50K users have the same interface and data? Likely not. There is considerably more in the detail of this than Davenport suggests.  FierceCIO also writes:

"   .... The point of all this is to establish a common language across multiple business units and geographies. An interesting and valuable side effect is that it supports P&G's common practice of moving managers across these organizational boundaries to provide them with more varied experience.  ... " 

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