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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mobile Telepresence

A slick looking idea that combines a robotic base with the telepresence idea. How practical is unclear.  We examined a warehouse tracking idea that used Segways and video cameras to display inventory in a large space.  Not the same thing, but the hardware requirements were cumbersome.  " ... When we say that Double is "iPad-based," it's literal: Double is pretty much just a mobile base for an iPad. You can log into the iPad from any computer or iOS device, and drive the robot around while streaming two-way audio and video lets you talk to people, go sightseeing, or do whatever else you want while remotely inhabiting the body of a robot. The iPad can be extended vertically from three and a half to five feet to maintain eye level with people sitting or standing, and the Segway-style base uses high-efficiency motors to zip around for up to eight hours on a charge. It's a looker, too, with a futuristic, minimalist design ... " 

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