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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Spinscape: This collaborative idea for mind mapping was just pointed out to me.  I am exploring further.  I am a long time user of mind mapping for storing and delivering knowledge.
" ... Spinscape is a Web based application you use to find, organize, and share information on any topic. Mind Mappers will be at home with the look, but Spinscape goes much further. Collaborate with people from around the world in real time, visualize mountains of information, and even find stuff and automatically pull it in to Spinscape.   ... "

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Walter Riker said...

Thanks Franz, very interesting. I have seen Mind Mapping software that goes for $1,200 and more and have used the one built into Visio (Microsoft) however having it in the cloud would be nice. Now to justify the $100/yr (or $9/mo). I have used Mind Mapping on paper for years - very fascinating since I very definitely do not think in a linear way.