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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MS Robotic Studio

We examined a number of robotics solution for home solutions. In IEEE Spectrum:   Microsoft Releases Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta, New Robot Platform. 

" ... Microsoft, to their credit, has done a good job of embracing Kinect as a game-changing robotics tool instead of just a... A... A video game controller, was it? Well, whatever it was originally designed as, it's all about cheap and effective robotic 3D vision now. Microsoft knows that Kinect is a big deal for robotics enthusiasts of all kinds, and they've just announced the availability of a new beta release of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio that incorporates the full Kinect SDK that was released back in June. This includes skeleton tracking, speech, and the raw Kinect data stream for creating 3D maps of your house (or anything else)... "

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