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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Behavior Modification Using Games

Good interview with Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball.   Do games alter behavior?  Yes, but in a particular and often useful context. Its a kind of behavioral engagement, akin to behavioral economics.     A month ago I have a well-received talk about how our enterprise used game dynamics over the last decade plus,  be glad to give that talk again,   let me know.

 " ... The surging popularity of such "gamification" has opened the doors for companies such as Bunchball. The company started its main business by creating a website for NBC's TV show "The Office" in 2007, but then spent the next "three years of suck" struggling to find clients, said Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball. Its fortunes only changed in 2010 when the success of "Farmville" on Facebook and the startup Foursquare made people realize the power of gamification...."

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