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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bob Herbold's New Book and Blog

I have noted this before, but my boss at Procter & Gamble, Bob Herbold,  was our SVP and later spent seven years as the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft.    He has a blog and has just published a book called:  What's Holding You Back? Ten Bold Steps That Define Gutsy Leaders. Looks to be an interesting read.   It is on my list and I will review it here after I read it.

"  .... Bob's latest spells out ten core principles of confident leadership. He also outlines proven tactics and strategies that managers have used to confront their inner wimp and call upon their inner courage. Step-by-step Herbold reveals how managers can cultivate and deliver accountable and decisive leadership, even while grappling with the toughest dilemmas. Operational and innovative excellence can only come with gutsy leadership.  .... "

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