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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hotels Becoming More Social

As frequent travelers we participated in brainstorming sessions for several large hotel chains five years ago.   We leveraged our expertise in in-context innovation to help.  Part of what we proposed then was a 'social module' to make impromptu meetings easy to set up.  So why not use the lobby?   This article shows some examples of changes that are occurring, including the increasing social nature of the lobby, a place that used to be mostly about waiting for your colleagues or shuttle bus.  It is starting to change, fostered by new technologies and value added service plans.   I remain irked by major chains that charge for now fundamental services like WiFi.

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Amy said...

Funny you mention this. I was at a Courtyard in San Diego and surprised by the new social design. Very cool. They have a large interactive digital sign connecting to information like local events, directions, etc. With a few touches you can print directions to begin your adventure. I love the new counter bars they have with internet connections. Beautiful granite with chairs. They did design the chairs to be attractive but not too comfy. I suppose they don't want everyone living in the lobby. Also the food available in the open lobby area is very Starbucks meets pizzeria.