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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Transform a face mask into a monitor?

 'Fitbit for the Face' Can Turn Any Face Mask into Smart Monitoring Device

Northwestern University Newscenter, Amanda Morris, January 12, 2022

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a sensor that they say can transform any face mask into a smart monitoring device. The FaceBit sensor is lightweight, the size of a quarter, and attaches to any N95, surgical, or cloth face mask with a tiny magnet. FaceBit can measure the wearer's real-time respiration rate, heart rate, and time wearing a mask, as well as mask fit. The data is transferred wirelessly to a smartphone app, which can alert users to issues like elevated heart rate or mask leaks. The sensor is powered by a small battery, and can go a week or two between charges due to its ability to harvest energy from the user's breath and motion, as well as from the sun.  .... ' 

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