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Friday, January 28, 2022

Nuclear Radiation Use to Transmit Data

 Most interesting, why more specifically?  safety?

 Nuclear Radiation Used to Transmit Digital Data Wirelessly

Lancaster University (U.K.), November 10, 2021

Digitally encoded information has been transmitted wirelessly using nuclear radiation, thanks to engineers at the U.K.'s Lancaster University and Slovenia's Jožef Stefan Institute. The researchers transmitted the data using fast neutrons spontaneously emitted from the radioactive isotope californium-252. A detector measured the emissions, which were recorded on a laptop; the researchers serially encoded data including a word, the alphabet, and a blindly-chosen random number into the modulation of the neutron field, and decoded the output on a laptop that retrieved the encoded information. Lancaster's Malcolm Joyce said, "We demonstrate the potential of fast neutron radiation as a medium for wireless communications for applications where conventional electromagnetic transmission is either not feasible or is inherently limited."  .... '

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