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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Russian Hypermarket Tour

 As someone who has toured European and Asian grocery/hypermarkets in past years for a major US retailer, found this fascinating.   Prices in Russia, especially for staples seemed to be distinctly lower, and breadth of availability considerable, similar to if not greater than a US Wal-Mart. The 38 minute Youtube, linked to below, done in recent weeks.  was filmed without government direction.  No empty shelves either.  Many US and international brands.  Some masks seen.   Bottom line, its not the 60s anymore.    Read the comments which give you further reactions,  primarily from the West.   Assuming prices are sanely applied, an indication of excellent, and good supply chains, given the many western European brands.

A TYPICAL Hypermarket GROCERY STORE IN RUSSIA 🇷🇺 Food & Prices | Are Western Products Sold In Russia?

Youtube tour, By 'Matt and Julia'  Done three weeks ago.   About 38 Minutes.

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