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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Creative Algorithms

 When Algorithms Get Creative

University of Bern (Switzerland), November 10, 2021

An international team of scientists led by Switzerland's University of Bern has developed evolutionary algorithms that can learn creatively. Such algorithms determine the "fitness" of a candidate solution based on how well it solves the underlying problem. The researchers' evolving-to-learn (E2L) or "becoming adaptive" approach was applied to three typical learning scenarios. The first was to detect a repeating pattern in a continuous input stream without performance feedback; the second virtually rewarded the computer for behaving in a desired manner; and the third guided the computer on how much its behavior diverged from a desired pattern. “In all these scenarios,” Bern's Jakob Jordan said, "The evolutionary algorithms were able to discover mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, and thereby successfully solved a new task."  .... ' 

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