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Thursday, January 06, 2022

Individual AI?

 New to me, but like the idea.  Change our world? In what different ways?

Individual AI, a New Technology that Will Change Our World?

By TechTalks, January 5, 2022

Existing artificial intelligence systems, with all their features, have one thing in common: they are all built as single, vertically controlled electronic complexes that operate using algorithms of varying complexity. Centralized control is an irresistible property of any manmade electronic computing system. We simply do not know how to build otherwise.

But what if we replicate the maneuver of nature and instead of the next modernization of the vertically integrated electronic system, we follow the path of unification to create a technological symbiosis of the human brain and the computer system?

' Everyone expects a strong AI to be built by an engineer, but in reality, a doctor might be standing at the cradle of real AI. ' 

From TechTalks   

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