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Friday, January 28, 2022

IRS wants to Scan Your Face

 More face scanning, government wants to be there, who can be?

IRS Wants to Scan Your Face

The Washington Post, Drew Harwell, January 27, 2022

By this summer, Americans wanting to access their Internal Revenue Service records online will be required to submit a facial video to private contractor ID.me to confirm their identity. ID.me requires facial scans plus copies of identifying paperwork, then employs facial recognition software to determine whether a person's "video selfie" and official photo match. Privacy advocates are concerned, as no federal law exists regulating such information's use or sharing. Glitches and delays that have kept users from important benefits also plague the system. Researchers contend ID.me has exaggerated the abilities of its face-scanning technology, which could wrongly label people frauds. "We're just skipping right to the use of a technology that has clearly been shown to be dangerous and has issues with accuracy, disproportionate impact, privacy, and civil liberties," said the Electronic Privacy Information Center's Jeramie D. Scott. .... '

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