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Monday, January 10, 2022

Print a Home from Your Phone

 Interesting financial analysis, quality? 

A License to Print Houses

Financial Times, Louis Wustemann, December 30, 2021

As three-dimensionally (3D)-printed homes start to catch on, Logan Architecture founder Andrew Logan predicts, "20 years from now, you will be able to buy a piece of land and print your own home through an app on your phone." Several Logan-designed 3D-printed housing developments were completed in Austin, TX, in September, using software-guided robots to pipe cement walls into additive layers. Logan said 3D printing can accommodate curved walls and corners, although wall height is limited to slightly over 8 feet. The use of 3D printing could find acceptance in the mid-market housebuilding sector because of its cost advantages over human construction. For example, developer SQ4D this summer printed a three-bedroom, ranch-style house in Riverhead, NY, for $20,000, versus a $150,000 price tag for building the same house using conventional methods. .... ' 

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