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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Ghost Imaging

Complexity of advanced imaging of details.

Ghost Imaging Speeds Up X-Ray Fluorescence Chemical Mapping

SciTechDaily, January 13, 2022

Sharon Shwartz and colleagues at Israel's Bar Ilan University integrated computational ghost imaging and x-ray fluorescence measurement to generate high-resolution chemical element maps. The focus-free technique reduces the need for scanning and saves measurement time, and it can be tuned to detect specific elements without seeing human tissues. The method produces two datasets for each photon energy—one with the input beam's spatial distributions and one with emitted fluorescence measurements—which an algorithm then maps out. The researchers used a compressive sensing algorithm to cut the number of scans required to chemically map an iron-cobalt object by almost 10-fold versus standard scanning-based techniques. "We expect it will allow the chemical mapping of larger objects at higher resolutions than is possible today while also enabling measurement of complex 3D [three-dimensional] objects," Shwartz said.  ... ' 

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