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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Robotic Eldercare Advances

Saw a number of examples of this being done in visits to Japan, were impressive.   Aimed to support Japan's aging population.

Robots Rise to Meet the Challenge of Caring for Older Adults

Nature, Neil Savage, January 19, 2022

Robotic assistants could be used in nursing and retirement homes to help seniors care for themselves, assist with cleaning, provide emotional support, connect remotely with health care providers, and free up nurses to focus on patient care. Researchers at Ireland's Trinity College Dublin have developed Stevie, a robot on a rolling base with moveable arms. In tests at Washington, DC's Knollwood Military Retirement Community, Stevie entertained residents so staff could focus on resident care. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Southern California are working on robots that can provide social interaction by telling jokes or encouraging older people to read or exercise more, while researchers at Diligent Robotics have developed a rolling robot that can move around a hospital and perform tasks that take nurses away from resident care, such as delivering medicine, equipment, patient samples, or linens. .... 

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