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Friday, January 07, 2022

Phygital Shopping Realities?

 Extended shopping Realities: Phygital.   Broad term new to me. 

Is Retail Ready for a Phygital Future  by Carol Spieckerman in Retailwire

Through a special arrangement, presented here for discussion is a summary of a current article from the Spieckerman Retail blog and a synopsis of the key  takeaways from the latest Spieckerman Speaks Retail podcast.

Brands have focused their brand stories and customer relationships with determination to reach their digital destiny, yet traditional two-dimensional experiences haven’t evolved to meet the opportunity. Luckily, the landscape is set to change with a wave of innovation that will be unleashed in 2022 and beyond.

The CEO of ByondXR, Noam Levavi, is getting the ball rolling by creating immersive interactive 3D journeys in shoppable virtual environments.

Mr. Levavi defines XR, or extended reality, as an umbrella term for all immersive technology that merges both the physical and virtual worlds. He sees the metaverse as the next evolution of the internet that will be based on a 3D environment in contrast to the 2D feeds that still dominate e-commerce. Mr. Levavi claims that the current 2D feeds and layouts bring “no real experience” for consumers shopping online and that brick-and-mortar experiences are far more customized and engaging.

The company’s mission is to fuse the best properties of the physical world with the latest commerce and display technology to create compelling “phygital” experiences. ByondXR’s data confirms that its shoppable 3D virtual environments and gamification elements exponentially increase engagement. In Japan, for example, users play branded games hundreds of times over, even though rewards kick in after only one session.  ....' 

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