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Thursday, January 06, 2022

Qubit Supercharged: Researchers Introduce the Qutrit

New Quantum State proposed: The Qutrit.   Will this prevail?

The Qubit Supercharged: Researchers Introduce the Qutrit

By Tom's Hardware, January 6, 2022

Rigetti Computing has announced a new development in quantum computing, unlocking a third quantum state, called qutrits.  Qubits typically perform calculations across two possible quantum states, with their "ground state" corresponding to "0" and their "excited state" corresponding to "1."

Qutrits allow for increased performance by achieving a third state, corresponding to "2."   Qutrits hold more information than qubits, with encoding possibilities between 0 and 2, while qubits allow for encoding between 0 and 1, after which stability dramatically decreases.

Qutrits also can unlock new error-correction techniques.  Rigetti indicated qutrits can provide useful work only in a "many microseconds" scale.

The company's's qutrit systems have been made available on an experimental basis for researchers and clients via its Quil-T instruction-set architecture for quantum computing.

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