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Thursday, November 07, 2019

TensorBoard for Free Testing of Machine Learning

Google announces a means to run machine learning experiments.  Note that the data used is pubklic and un-secured.  Includes visualizations and operation dashboards.

See:   https://tensorboard.dev/

Easily host, track, and share your ML experiments for free.
A managed TensorBoard experience that lets you upload and share your ML experiment results with anyone.

TensorBoard is TensorFlow’s visualization toolkit, enabling you to track metrics like loss and accuracy, visualize the model graph, view histograms of weights, biases, or other tensors as they change over time, and much more. It is an open source tool that is part of the TensorFlow ecosystem. 

Learn more at tensorflow.org/tensorboard.

What TensorBoard functionality is available?
In this Preview, the Scalars dashboard is currently available. Additional TensorBoard dashboards will be added over time.

I want to see the experiments I have uploaded to TensorBoard.dev. Can I get a copy of my data?
Yes. Run the command tensorboard dev export --outdir OUTPUT_PATH.

Is it free to use TensorBoard.dev?
Yes, you can view and upload TensorBoard logs for free. There are limits on how much can be stored.

Is my data public?
Any data uploaded to TensorBoard.dev will be visible to anyone with a link. Do not use it for sensitive data.

Do I need to create an account?
You need to sign in with your Google Account (or create one) to upload an experiment, so you can delete it if you want. You do not need to sign in to view an experiment.
How do I delete an experiment I've uploaded to TensorBoard.dev?
Run the command tensorboard dev delete --experiment_id EXPERIMENT_ID.

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