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Friday, November 01, 2019

Quantum Navigation?

I am skeptical that a quantum computer is necessary for this kind of shortest route navigation.  But interesting claim, and a real problem.  Will examine further.  Saw the D-Wave special kind of  annealing application of quantum computing early on.   Continue to follow

Volkswagen to Test Quantum Navigation App in Real Traffic
The Wall Street Journal
Sara Castellanos
October 31, 2019

Volkswagen will test a quantum navigation app in Portugal next week, with plans to eventually incorporate its capabilities into automobiles. Nine buses shuttling passengers between Lisbon's Web Summit conference and other metropolitan areas will have iPads loaded with the app, which features technology from Canada’s D-Wave Systems. The app employs cloud-based quantum-computing services to calculate the swiftest route for each bus in near-real time, in order to minimize traffic congestion and shorten travel times. While a predictive analytics tool on a classical computer will identify which of 26 bus stops probably have especially high rider numbers 45 minutes ahead of time, a quantum computer will map out the fastest route for each bus, accounting for millions of real-time data points about congestion and ridership demand in milliseconds. Said Scott Pankin of Los Alamos National Laboratory, “What’s exciting about this work is that it’s being applied in the real world.” 

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