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Thursday, November 07, 2019

HoloLens2 Available and Shipping Now

Considerable overview piece from Microsoft.  They are now hooking it to a number of capabilities such as Dynamics and Azure driven Edge Computing.    Impressive. If significant mixed reality applications are out there, they could well be the leaders.

The making of the HoloLens 2: How advanced AI built Microsoft’s vision for ubiquitous computing  By John Roach

Video demonstrations at the link.
Business apps available now

Pilot and deploy quickly with a full suite of Dynamics 365 mixed reality applications  
Create spatially aware holograms.  Use the world as your canvas
Build cross-platform, spatially aware mixed reality experiences.
HoloLens 2   Learn more about the ultimate Intelligent edge device.
Azure   Explore services and devices for mixed reality development.
Dynamics 365 Get started on day one with business-ready applications.

Redmond, Washington – The first time people don the new HoloLens 2 on their heads, the device automatically gets to know them: It measures everything from the precise shape of their hands to the exact distance between their eyes.

The artificial intelligence research and development that enabled those capabilities “was astonishingly complicated” but essential to making the experience of using the device “instinctual,” said Jamie Shotton, a partner scientist who leads the HoloLens science team in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

“We want you to know how to use HoloLens without having to be taught how to use it,” he said. “We know how to interact with things in the real, physical world: We pick things up, we press buttons, we point to things. We aim, as far as possible, to translate that directly into mixed reality.”

Microsoft today announced the HoloLens 2 is now shipping to customers. The sensor-packed holographic computing headset uses AI to displace space and time, creating a mixed reality of people, places and things in order to facilitate one of our most basic human impulses: exchanging knowledge.

Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman said the headset defines the highest watermark of intelligent edge devices – AI-capable technologies that can collect and process data even without a reliable internet connection – and that can then share some or all of that data with the intelligent cloud when connected.

On a recent day, Kipman sketched a diagram of this ubiquitous computing fabric on a digital whiteboard in his office.

“HoloLens,” he said, “is the first native device to be invented from the ground up with this worldview in mind.”  .... "

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