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Friday, November 08, 2019

Computational vs Good Thinking

Much agreed.  Its just one way to think.

Computational Thinking Should Just be Good Thinking
By Mark Guzdial, Alan Kay, Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway
Communications of the ACM, November 2019, Vol. 62 No. 11, Pages 28-30

Jeannette Wing's 2006 Communications Viewpoint on computational thinking5 ignited a worldwide movement to give students new knowledge and skills to solve problems in their daily lives. Quickly, teachers, curriculum and standards writers, and other education specialists were proposing what children needed to know about computation and how to develop a computational mindset. There is still little evidence that knowing about computation improves everyday problem-solving, but there is no doubt that Wing's call to action led to a broad and dramatic response.
The computational thinking movement puts the onus on the student and on the education system. They argue that if we change humans to think in ways that are informed by how we now work with computers, that will have problem-solving  ... " 

Computational Thinking defined.

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