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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SAS Invests Big in AI

Another indication that the AI surge may not wither.   SAS knows its analytics, we used them  extensively, and it is investing heavily in AI tech.    Much different than in the last emergence of the idea.  Gets back to the definition of the term, which we debated at a talk last week.  My view: AI is more than JUST analytics,  it is analytics with cognitive, augmentative and autonomous capabilities added.  To make these ideas more readily implemented and delivered.

SAS to invest $1 billion in AI for industry uses, education, R&D
The AI investment is part of SAS' efforts to make data, AI, machine learning and algorithms more return driven and consumable.   By Larry Dignan in ZDNet

SAS said it will invest $1 billion in artificial intelligence over the next three years as it develops its analytics platform, educates data scientists and targets industry-specific use cases.

The investment is part of SAS' effort to build a higher profile. SAS is an analytics and data science pioneer, but the privately-held company has been quietly retooling its business and products.... "

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