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Friday, March 29, 2019

Open Source Code to Extract Sensor Insights

Ultimately all analytics and AI is about extracting insights from sensors and productively re-using them. So any way to speed up the prototyping of that process is useful. Especially useful if you already use Matlab.

Open Source Software Helps Researchers Extract Insights From Sensor Datasets   In R&D Magazine

At Germany’s Saarland University, researchers have released a free data processing tool that allows rapid evaluation of signals, pattern recognition, and data visualization when processing huge datasets. The MATLAB toolbox known as Dave enables very large volumes of data, such as those produced by modern sensor systems, to be processed, analyzed, and visually displayed so researchers can optimize their measurement systems interactively. Dave makes the calculations completely transparent, showing the user that when they alter a particular parameter, it has an identifiable consequence. Said Saarland University researcher Andreas Schutze, "Using Dave as a tool, we were able to rapidly achieve some widely acclaimed results in the field of condition monitoring in 'Industry 4.0' applications."

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