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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Google Shuts Down Fusion Tables

More criticism for Google ditching tests.   Here one that has been around for some time.  I recall looking at and recommending it for a trial.  Certainly promotes your cloud.  This was an impressive visualization service.   I do wonder how many of these were constructed and are being used and how many of those customers will raise their voices.

Google will shut down Fusion Tables

After more than a decade in service, Google's easy-to-use cloud visualization service is being shuttered.

Google is shutting down its Fusion Tables cloud service, a Google Drive option that offered an easy way to create online visualizations, especially maps. Google announced today that the service will end on Dec. 3, 2019, and "maps using the Fusion Tables Layer in the Maps JavaScript API v3.37 will start to see errors in August 2019."

The news highlights the risks of relying on "free" cloud services from for-profit private companies.

"Mapserver, Geoserver, PostGIS, GEOS, and all the other open source software you were using 9 years ago when Google Fusion Tables was the new hotness are still available [and] will not be shut down next year," taunted open-source advocate Paul Ramsey on Twitter ..... "

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