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Monday, March 18, 2019

Supply Chain as a Service with Blockchain

An interesting example of tracking, based on compliance using shared data, which seems to be the most common approach for Blockchain to date.

Blockchain Platform Leverages RFID Solution for Inventory Management in RFID Journal

Citizens Reserve is providing its blockchain solution, enabled by Smartrac's Cosmos software, to the livestock and retail markets, so users can share data with other supply chain members and consumers to validate the conditions of animals and meat.     By Claire Swedberg

Mar 18, 2019—Blockchain and radio frequency identification technologies are converging with a new supply chain-as-a-service platform being piloted by companies in the livestock market, which was provided by Citizens Reserve. The company's solution, known as SUKU Ecosystem, uses its blockchain platform, along with Smartrac's Cosmos software and application programming interface (API), and Smartrac's UHF RFID readers and tags, to enable companies to track their goods on an immutable public ledger....."

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