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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Autonomous Ships Move Forward

Yet larger examples of autonomy in the supply chain.

How Europe's Busiest Port is Helping Make Autonomous Ships a Reality 
NBC News
By Linda Givetash

Dutch startup Captain AI is developing autonomous ships to replace traditional crewed vessels. The company is engineering self-driving boats and ships using a high-tech port patrol ship, deep learning algorithms, and a computer simulator designed to train captains. In 2017, Captain AI successfully demonstrated a self-driving version of one of Rotterdam's popular water taxis. This summer, the company will send the Floating Lab Rotterdam, a port authority ship, out to sea without a skipper at the helm. The Floating Lab Rotterdam is equipped with a digital GPS system, which provides more accurate location readings than standard GPS, as well as sensors that monitor and control the engine and steering.  ... " 

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