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Monday, March 18, 2019

Learning Curve for Quantum Computing

Intriguing look at how and why to use quantum computing.  Somewhat technical view.    See the editors note that this did not solve the problem posed.  Also I observe that D-Wave is a specialized approach.  By my reading the reconceptualizing is the hardest part posed here.   Coding,  even as it has evolved in many decades is still a process of step by step ordered logic under the constraint of a language.

D-Wave 2000Q hands-on: Steep learning curve for quantum computing 
Reconceptualizing a problem is the hard part, but the end is rewarding.   By Chris Lee

Editor's note: I realize that I do not correctly calculate the Bragg transmission in either the classical or the quantum case, however, it is close enough to get an idea of the differences between programming a classical and a quantum computer. ... "

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