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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Gmail Functions will Soon Stop in IFTTT

This is very unfortunate, most of the functionality I used  in IFTTT sensed Gmail.   Apparently for security reasons?   It shows you how you cannot rely on other architectures in such systems.   Will follow to see if anything can be fixed, or other services can be used.  Will this seriously damage the IFTTT method?

Most IFTTT applets using Gmail will break this month   By Corbin Davenport

IFTTT is an extremely powerful automation tool that combines hundreds of different online services. You can make your Hue lights flash when your phone gets a notification, save your liked YouTube videos to a Google Sheets document, and much more. However, if you make heavy use of the Gmail service in IFTTT, you might have some adjusting to do.

In October of last year, Google made a series of changes to the Gmail API, in response to criticism it received about data access from third-party apps. New restrictions were enforced on applications using Gmail data, and some had to undergo security assessments.  .... "

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