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Friday, March 22, 2019

Electrolux Allies with Google in the Smart Home

Smart homes move forward, the two major platforms continue to expand.    Now Swedish maker Electrolux is embedding assistants.   Many makers in the space are including both of the biggest home platforms, and even a hint they are working further with Amazon Alexa.

Electrolux continues to shape the future of connected living by partnering with Google’s voice activated speaker Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant, with both its Frigidaire Cool ConnectTM Air Conditioners and the Anova Precision Cooker being integrated into the new platform.

Frigidaire and Anova are two of just 12 brands – and Electrolux the first white goods company – to be announced as partners to Google Home which launched last November in the US.

Electrolux has worked actively with over 300 brands to unlock the huge potential of the Internet of Things market through the Open Connectivity Foundation so that companies and brands can create products that work seamlessly together. Now Electrolux is expanding this work through partnerships with some of the largest ecosystems including Google and Amazon to create new experiences for the consumer through voice and Artificial Intelligence. ... "

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