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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Intelligent Display Scans Your Face

Is this invasive?   Saw something like this years ago,  but with no implication of seeing who it was. Advertising based on iris movement and facial analysis to extract demographic information.   Iris scanning is known to be imprecise in uncontrolled environments.

Cooler Screens' Display Cases Scan Your Face to Size Up Buying Habits
Boston Globe   By Hiawatha Bray in Boston Globe

Chicago-based Cooler Screens has developed a facial-profiling system that tries to guess what consumers will buy next based on how they appear. The doors on a Cooler Screens refrigerator are LCD video screens that display images of the items inside the case. In addition, the refrigerator doors are equipped with cameras that send images of each customer to a computer that predicts his or her sex and age. The system uses an iris tracker to detect exactly where in the case the customer is looking. The system instantly analyzes the data on each customer, then starts displaying advertisements on the screen. Drugstore chain Walgreens will test the technology at six of its U.S. locations. ... " 

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