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Friday, March 15, 2019

Your Data Pipelines will Vary

And especially when there is likely changes in data over time, and there will be a need to change sources.  And especially in variant metadata, often forgotten about.   Good reminder of the general problem.

Overcoming Unpredictable AI Data Pipelines  By Han Yang in the Cisco Blog

Is your data pipeline static?  Are you working with only fixed data sources with predictable data ingestion rate? Probably not?  Based on many customer discussions, the data pipeline is constantly changing to accommodate new data sources; hence, the data ingestion rate is often unpredictable.  The only thing that is certain is that more changes are coming.  For many IT teams, this uncertainly leads to a lack of clear requirements making it challenging to proceed.  Yet, it is in this dynamic environment that the enterprise needs to accelerate AI/ML deployment or risk having competitors leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning as a competitive advantage.  ... "

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