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Thursday, February 01, 2018

On Complex Network Analysis

Nicely done overview.  And its not only about Python applications, includes an intro look at accessible and free systems like Gephi.   Many network analysis concepts are described, gives you a view of the ultimate power of the idea.   It automatically visualizes the problem, should always be thought of  Right now looking at how knowledge graphs can be used to prepopulate assistant style systems with context.

Complex Network Analysis in Python: Recognize - Construct - Visualize - Analyze - Interpret 1st Edition   by Dmitry Zinoviev

They write: 

" ... Construct, analyze, and visualize networks with networkx, a Python language module. Network analysis is a powerful tool you can apply to a multitude of datasets and situations. Discover how to work with all kinds of networks, including social, product, temporal, spatial, and semantic networks. Convert almost any real-world data into a complex network--such as recommendations on co-using cosmetic products, muddy hedge fund connections, and online friendships. Analyze and visualize the network, and make business decisions based on your analysis. If you're a curious Python programmer, a data scientist, or a CNA specialist interested in mechanizing mundane tasks, you'll increase your productivity exponentially.  ... " 

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