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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Macy's Promotes Pop-Ups in Markets

I cover the local chain Macy's retail Innovations, they have been quite innovative.  Will Pop-up stores work in a brick store environment?   Jungle Jim's does this, but it seems not to great success.   Likely to do specifically with product, design and other contexts.  Refreshing also key.  Below further expert comment.

Macy’s launches in-store pop-up concept for brands  by George Anderson

"Potentially [the pop-up brand being the seller of record] makes it easier for Macy’s to bring in more interesting, emerging products."  ... Jason Goldberg   SVP of Commerce and Content Practice, SapientRazorfish

Macy’s has launched a new pop-up concept that allows brands and other companies to sell their products and services on the ground floor of the retailer’s stores.

The Market @ Macy’s is being pitched as a turnkey operational solution enabling companies to gain additional exposure to the department store’s customers without a long-term commitment. Those filling pop-up locations pay a fee to Macy’s for the space while keeping all the sales revenue. Space is rented with a one-month minimum requirement and rates are based on location. .... " 

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