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Monday, February 05, 2018

Intel Builds Smart Glasses

Still waiting for workable examples.  Ultimately how AR will be delivered  A little surprise to see Intel in this space.  We looked at a number of applications that seemed obvious, but did not prosper.    The idea may be like the personal computer or the smartphone,  once you get it commonly used by a broad population,  applications will emerge.   But first a reasonable, affordable and malleable architecture has to be in place.

Intel unveils smart glasses that you might want to wear
A low-powered laser beams images into your eye.

By Steve Dent, @stevetdent in Engadget

Intel has launched an impressively light, regular-looking set of smart glasses called Vaunt, confirming rumors from Bloomberg and others. Seen by The Verge, they have plastic frames and weigh under 50 grams, a bit more than regular eyeglasses but much less than Google Glass, for example. The electronics are crammed into the stems and control a very low-powered, class one laser that shines a red, monochrome 400 x 150 pixel image into your eye. Critically, the glasses contain no camera, eliminating the "big brother" vibe from Glass and other smart glasses .... " 

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