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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Integrated Work System

A conversation with former enterprise colleagues led me to this piece on reliability innovation I had a small part in.    See the tag links to Los Alamos Labs, which was also involved.  Here to pass this on to my readers for reference, worth examining.

Pointer to some of the above work in R&D Magazine.
This was originally offered for use by KPMG Consulting. in 2005.

EY and P&G Alliance  and see also @EY_Alliances
What will operational excellence look like in your organization’s future?

Despite investments in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and total productivity maintenance, companies are struggling to achieve a breakthrough in manufacturing productivity. EY and P&G have combined their manufacturing excellence capabilities to bring a significantly different approach to attaining higher levels of manufacturing performance.

P&G’s Integrated Work System (IWS) is a proprietary way of improving manufacturing reliability, reducing costs and elevating productivity. IWS is a disruptive way of working predicated on two primary principles: the drive to zero losses and 100 percent employee ownership. The EY and P&G alliance combines the Integrated Work System with the global EY manufacturing performance improvement experience and P&G certified consultants to help clients improve performance via sustainable change and transformation.  ..... 

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has recognized EY as one of twelve top performing companies to receive its highest honor of being named Excellence Award winners and External Business Partner of the Year at the 2016 P&G External Business Partner of the Year Recognition Dinner, which recognizes exemplary partner collaboration.

Among P&G’s more than 50,000 suppliers and agencies, EY was the only professional services organization to receive the award. EY has now received the P&G Excellence Award six times and the Partner of the Year award three times.

Kristina Rogers, EY Global Consumer Products and Retail Leader, says:

“We are thrilled to be recognized by P&G for EY’s commitment to collaboration. With the industry facing unprecedented disruption, business innovation is critical to meet changing consumer wants and needs and to sustaining profitable growth. We are proud to be a key member of the P&G innovation ecosystem, challenging thinking and helping to deliver on its consumer promise.”

David Taylor, P&G President and CEO, presented the award to EY for engendering strong trust and collaboration through agility and quality advisory services.

Taylor says: “Supplier partners have a key role to play in our ability to deliver. The more integrated and connected P&G and our supplier partners are, the better able we are to be more innovative and productive in meeting consumers’ needs.”   .... "

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