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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Fract for Geospatial Patterns

Intriguing concept have not heard of this being used.  More at the link.

What is Fract?

We provide actionable prescriptive geospatial intelligence to businesses and help them make all the right choices based on their data.

Fract is inspired by fractals – countless geometric figures that have the exact same characteristics as the whole. Fractals can be found everywhere in nature – snowflakes, clouds and even our own hearts – and are used to describe various complex, recurring natural events like crystal growth and galaxy formation.

This is what we do for you. We predict and help businesses to maximize their potential based on the tiny patterns found inside the data. We believe in continuous data analysis and uncovering patterns to make use of the infinite amounts of data that increases every single hour, of every single day ... " 

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