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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Acting Quickly

 In the HBR,     Its part of the risk model.

How to Act Quickly Without Sacrificing Critical Thinking  by Jesse Sostrin

An unbridled urgency can be counterproductive and costly. If you’re too quick to  react, you can end up with short-sighted decisions or superficial solutions, neglecting underlying causes and create collateral damage in the process.

But if you’re too deliberative and slow to respond, you can get caught flat-footed, potentially missing an opportunity or allowing an emergent challenge to consume you.

To balance these two extremes, you need reflective urgency — the ability to bring conscious, rapid reflection to the priorities of the moment — to align your best thinking with the swiftest course of action. In my work, coaching leaders at every level through a variety of management dilemmas, I’ve developed three strategies to practice reflective urgency: ... "

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