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Thursday, April 27, 2017

R Packages for Data Wrangling

Most of this is quite well known, but provides an excellent lengthy table of resources.  I like the extent of the information, this is an update, there will be things you don't know.  'Data Wrangling' applies to manipulating and examining your data to put it into a form that is suitable for analysis and testing.  It can be time consuming, so doing it efficiently is very useful.  In the past (and still often today) this was done with a package like Excel, or a suitable database system. Often what you know best or what is standard in your business.

 Great R packages for data import, wrangling and visualization
By Sharon Machlis, Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics, Computerworld

The focus here is on data: from R tips to desktop tools to taking a hard look at data claims.  .... "

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