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Friday, April 28, 2017

Will Conversational Commerce be Next?

Conversational Commerce.  First I heard that specific phrase.  Consider the posts made in this blog in just the past few days as evidence, by very big players.  Will the path from Search to Buy be replaced by Search to Converse to Buy?   Facebook and Amazon are obvious players to begin with.   They are likely to be agents for many other sellers.

Are chatbots good enough?  Do you need a screen?  Should human agents be included?  Consider links to other virtual assistants.  Some good examples below of work underway . Discussion at the link below.

In Retailwire:

Will chatbots drive a ‘conversational commerce’ trend?
  by Matthew Stern

The social media landscape is always changing, and retailers have continually tried to find ways to leverage the most popular platforms to turn users into shoppers. Now some big names are trying out a method of leveraging Facebook Messenger to facilitate purchases, foregoing both websites and retailer apps.

Subway and Mastercard have partnered to roll out an ordering chatbot for Facebook Messenger, Mashable reported. Fresh Direct and Cheesecake Factory are introducing similar chatbots. A demo on YouTube shows a user messaging the Subway chatbot, which responds by inviting the customer to find his or her location on a map and select the nearest Subway restaurant. Then it displays a menu, inviting the user to select a sandwich. The chatbot carries on a back-and-forth conversation with the user, determining the sandwich size, type of bread and other options. When the order is completed, a customer can pay using Mastercard’s Masterpass. .... " 

Other Posts here on my work with dozens of Virtual Assistants. 

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