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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beyond, to a VR Facemask

Reading emotions was one of our early efforts to understand consumer interactions with products.   Called Expression Glasses developed at the Affective Computing Project at MIT.  This seems to take it yet beyond that.   For what applications?   In the Verge:

This VR face mask can read your emotions  by Adi Robertson
" ... The new MindMaze Mask, which was announced today, is a ring of electrodes that can be installed in any VR headset’s foam face mask. When you put the headset on, the mask detects which sensors your skin is touching with a certain pressure, then matches the pattern to one of 10 facial expressions, which an avatar reproduces. There’s also some software-based prediction, which is supposed to reduce lag between your face and your avatar’s. It’s not detecting and mirroring every movement — it’s more like you’re pressing button combinations with your face to call up animations. The example avatars are simple cartoons, but they can look like anything a developer wants. ,,,"

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