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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Smart Home Tracks Health

Great thought, but its still a bit of an effort to set things up just to turn the lights on and off.   Our own smart home demonstrations made it clear that most homes had to be wired and outfitted during construction to make this economically viable.  Its coming, but will take infrastructure investments to make it common.   Good example and design visuals in Digital Trends:

This smart house could keep track of your health like a live-in nurse  ..By Garrett Hulfish 

Our health is one of our biggest concerns. This prototype smart home could worry about it for us.
When people get sick, they go to the doctor. However, wouldn’t it be better to keep track of your health on a daily basis? That can take a lot of work, though, and so what if our homes could keep track of it for us? That’s a question that led Joe Colistra and his students to build a prototype smart house unit.

Colistra is the design and planning associate professor at the University of Kansas School of Architecture. Using two awarded grants totaling $51,000, he and his fifth-year students will build part of a home embedded with sensors to collect the biometric data of its residents. .... "

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Wayne said...

Let me recommend an article, The Elusive Smart Home (http://www.mhealthtalk.com/elusive-smart-home/), which looks at the many reasons this "next big thing" market has been unable to cross the chasm from niche to mainstream adoption in over 50 years.

At Modern Health I write about health policy, futures, and technologies for independent senior living.