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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Customer Service Chatbots Across Industry

Customer serrvice is an obvious application.  Starting with access to FAQ, then going to a full interactive conversation prompted by analysis of customer data and metadata. This article covers a number of industries.

The Rise of Chatbots in Customer Service Across Industries Editor's Pick!
By Megha Parikh  

Somewhere during mid-2016 Facebook & Kik launched their chatbots and the whole world went crazy about it. Ever since the launch, Facebook has become home to more than 100,000 active chatbots and kick to more than 20,000. There are other players too. Like IBM and Microsoft who have released exclusive platforms to build chatbots.

So, what is a chatbot and why is it so hyped?

To begin with, Chatbots are computer programs that give automated responses to queries. They make routine conversations that involve fetching of information as addressal of commonly asked questions easier and effortless. Needless to say, they are of great use in industries and processes where automated assistance or customer service is important.

What technology powers the functioning of chatbots?
Chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They learn, adapt and suit their responses dynamically according to the user queries. What differentiates chatbots from live chat or other virtual assistants is that, they do not give canned or repetitive information. .... " 

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