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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Transparency not Needed in Health Care Deep Learning?

Not sure I agree.  Will the accuracy and kinds of errors be the same?  Liability implications.  And also, who will be liable for errors that are made?   Will the AMA concur?  That is all wound up in the algorithmic methods. The Neural nets in this case, their architecture and training methods.  In Technology Review: 

Deep Learning Is a Black Box, but Health Care Won’t Mind
New algorithms are able to diagnose disease as accurately as expert physicians.
by Monique Brouillette  

Earlier this year, artificial intelligence scientist Sebastian Thrun and colleagues at Stanford University demonstrated that a “deep learning” algorithm was capable of diagnosing potentially cancerous skin lesions as accurately as a board-certified dermatologist.

The cancer finding, reported in Nature, was part of a stream of reports this year offering an early glimpse into what could be a new era of “diagnosis by software,” in which artificial intelligence aids doctors—or even competes with them.  .... " 

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