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Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Omni Channel Data-Driven Retailer

Interesting retail from Ronald van Loon     ...  Red through for the suggestions.

How to Become an Omni-Channel Data-Driven Retailer

Everyone's Blog Posts -  DSC. by Ronald van Loon 

In today’s digital age where customers are as likely to buy a product from an eCommerce website as from a brick and mortar store, delivering a seamless and value-adding shopping experience has become more important than ever before.|

 The multiple shopping channels available to customers and the competition posed by other retailers have made it an absolute necessity for a retail business to integrate data inputs from different channels and use to it define an omni-channel shopping experience. 

As a Big Data and BI influencer, I have worked with a large number of businesses within and beyond the retail industry. Using this knowledge and expertise, I have developed a 5-step approach that businesses operating in the retail sector can adopt to meet the expectations of their customers and become an omni-channel, data-driven retailer.   .... "

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