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Friday, April 14, 2017

Closer Look at Facebook M

Technology Review takes a close and an insightful look at the Facebook M assistant.   Long awaited and in broad test.  Though I am not a fan of Facebook in general.   I like the idea that new assistants, and  'skills' written for them, will give us new understanding of the current limitations of delivering AI.

And as was revealed long ago, Facebook M integrates human help into the mix.  Apparently seamlessly.   That's not bad, since ultimately we will all be working with these assistants.  Back to the word concierge.

I also think that an assistant can be very successful by just being reasonably focused on some value.  And entertainment/music can be that value.  Opening it up for later leverage in other areas.  Its certainly not about just doing  'smart' tricks.    Looking to get my hands on Facebook M.

Facebook’s Perfect, Impossible Chatbot
Facebook is quietly trying to develop the most useful virtual assistant ever, in a project that illustrates the current limitations of artificial intelligence.   by Tom Simonite  April 14, 2017

Amazon’s Alexa can summon an Uber and satisfy a four-year-old’s demand for fart noises. Siri can control your Internet-connected thermostat. Each serve millions of users each day. But a lucky group of around 10,000 people, mostly in California, know that Facebook’s assistant, named M, is the smartest of the bunch.  .... " 

My link index of all assistants examined.

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