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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Microsoft Channels Process for Intelligence

This sounds remarkably like using/building a process model for given tasks.   We experimented with this do define and decompose jobs-tasks.   Like the idea that these exist and can be re-purposed to make things that look intelligent, by solving sub-tasks.

Microsoft Releases Dialogue Dataset to Make Chatbots Smarter| by Roland Meertens   
Maluuba, a Microsoft company working towards general artificial intelligence, recently released a new open dialogue dataset based on booking a vacation - specifically, finding flights and a hotel.

The number of chat bots has risen recently, especially since Facebook opened their Messenger platform to these bots a year ago. At the moment, most bots only support very simple and sequential interactions. Advanced use cases such as travel planning remain difficult for chatbots. With this dataset Maluuba (recently acquired by Microsoft) helps researchers and developers to make their chatbots smarter.  .... " 

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