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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Promoting Mind Mapping

We were very active users of 'mind mapping',  a much simplified form of  'concept mapping'.  in the enterprise  So I much like to promote the idea, its always useful.  Good to see this article and expose others to it.  There are many packages that do this, many are free.  Spodek uses Freeplane, which I have not heard of, but sounds interesting.  Its a way to get organized, and communicate that organization to others.   If you have the slightest interest in organizing your thoughts and work, give it a try.   In Inc: 

The Most Useful (and Fun) Software You Don't Have
If you don't use mindmapping software, you don't know the fun, efficient productivity you're missing     By Joshua Spodek

Mindmaps and mindmapping software are awesome!

Yesterday, I finished creating two new keynote talks, each over 60 slides. Going from idea to complete deck used to mean complicated struggling between paper, blackboard, whiteboard, word processor, and presentation software.

Now I create one mindmap using one piece of software to create the whole presentation. It's faster, easier, and more fun. I'm writing this post because of how fun and simple it was to be so productive.

I rarely like using computers for what I can use paper and pencil, but mindmaps and mindmapping software help organize complex ideas better by every measure I care about. They're simple, effective, and, best of all, fun. ... " 

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